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I am an artist who focuses on customizing shoes and clothing with different paints and materials. I am
mainly reaching towards the music industry and the fashion in this industry, I hope to work with music
artists and get to see them wear my art around.

Not only this, I want the public to have a one-of-a-kind piece to wear that makes them feel good. My
custom shoes/clothing will make people’s look stand out to others to help express themselves more
through what they like on their clothing. I have a great passion for painting and creating anything.

I work mainly on Instagram going by the name @dakenarts


With my clothing, I have been prioritising this side of my work, I aim to be the best bespoke clothing designer in the world. The hoodies and jackets that I paint are carefully and precisely designed for your needs, one of these being people wanting something unique. That said, all of my clothing is 1 of 1 and will never be mass-produced making each piece special to each customer.

My art style is very unique with a mixture of Graphic Design skills that I collected from University and contemporary/abstract art that I am continuously inspired by everywhere I go!


My shoes have been the pillar at which my recent art career has been built, I started my wearable art journey with custom shoes and have no intention of stopping at all. For every shoe that is commissioned, I put all my effort into each tiny detail whatever the shoe canvas is.

Like the clothing, each pair of custom shoes is a 1 of 1 piece that is focused on providing a unique experience to every customer I work with. The paints and material used are designed specifically to ensure no fading or peeling of the artwork making it completely wearable and durable.

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